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AR 백제의 위인전

AR Great People of Baekje

Location-based Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt
Cultural experience content that enjoys puzzles provided as augmented reality while exploring six cultural property areas in Buyeo, which retain Baekje's culture

AR 삐뽀타운

AR Nee-Nah Town

Augmented reality content for children's safety education
Learning & play content that solves quizzes and puzzles related to safety education with augmented reality while reading fairy tale books.

백제 위인전
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AR 레알펫팸

AR Real Pet Fam

Augmented reality pet awareness improvement fairy tale book that teaches children how to understand and respect them in order to live with pets.

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AR 세계일주 항해기

AR La Peruse's voyage around the world

AR board game that adapts Laperouse's voyage around the world to learn about various games and marine flora and fauna.


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